Membership to Kumataka Dojos is a multi-stage process.

To start the process, please complete the application form.

Progress to the next stage is subject to a review, but could include background or reference checks and/or an interview.

e.g. if you are a minor (Under 18) we may check with your parent or guardian that they were present when the form was completed, and do give consent for you to join.

Acceptance of your application will lead to another form to pay for membership of Kumataka Dojos. This is a one-off life membership cost to Kumataka Dojos itself.

Subsequent to that, the Dojo you attend has an annual cost (toward insurances) and quarterly rates (toward rents). Full details can be sought through the Make Contact form by submitting a Fee inquiry.

Please note: The email address you provide should be the same as you use for social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, as it will provide you with access to our members area. Kumataka Dojos does not store any passwords, but uses various social media APIs for our user authentication into the Member’s Space.