Welcome to Kumataka Dōjōs

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Kumataka Dōjōs is a national Australian non-profit organisation, established in 2017 by Peter Williams Sensei and Thomas Crooks Sensei. Practising authentic Sōsuishi-ryū Jūjutsu and Iai-jutsu (双水執流組討腰之廻), and authorised by Shitama Manzo Sensei, Dai Shihan of this hereditary ryūha, Peter and Thomas are the Directors of the Sōsuishi-ryū Jūjutsu Kai Australia (SJJK-AUS).

Kumataka Dōjōs also offers training in traditional Kōdokan Jūdō, and is affiliated to Judo Australia – through Judo WA and Judo NSW.

Practice of these arts is a serious undertaking, requiring many years of dedication to reach deeper understanding. Yet, they are profoundly enjoyable and fulfilling arts, with unbroken lineages straight back to their origins in Japan. We maintain these strong connections and travel there regularly for continuing training. We welcome any inquiries from committed budōka, or from those who would like to embark on this journey.