Sensei Gabriel Dayeh

Gabriel Dayeh has spent many years training in and teaching both Jūdō and Jujutsu. He was graded to Shodan in Goshin-Jutsu in 1995, operating a dōjō at Sutherland PCYC for some years.

His desire to connect with the authentic roots of Japanese Jujutsu drew him to join Sosuishi-ryu Australia (now Lotus Dojos Australia) in 1999.

He became a member of the Karo (leadership council) of Lotus Dojos Australia in 2016, where he was able to use his grounded and thoughtful approach to contribute at a leadership level organisationally. Gabriel firmed up his connection with the Hurstville Dōjō, and along with Wojtek Bagadzinski, introduced Jūdō and Jujutsu classes there in 2017. This dōjō subsequently relocated to St George in 2019.

In July 2017, Gabriel resigned his membership from Lotus Dojos Australia, joining Kumataka Dōjōs. The deep value he places in the original and authentic practice of Sōsuishi-ryū Jujutsu and the wish to help propagate this art correctly remain strong motivations for Gabriel. A gifted teacher, Gabriel is an asset to both Kumataka Dōjōs St George and the Kumataka Dōjōs organisation.

Gabriel’s first visit to the Sōsuishi-ryū Hombu Dōjō, the Sekiryūkan in Fukuoka, was in 2000. He has committed to returning regularly for ongoing training and evaluation. After his most recent visit, he currently holds the rank of Shomokuroku, awarded by Shitama Manzo Sensei, Dai Shihan in November 2018.