Budō 武道

Budō (武道) translates literally as the ‘way of war’, however its modern practice is anything but that. Rather, the key idea is of devotion to the practice of an art, which facilitates positive transformation in the individual, over time.

This is achieved for the purposes of:

– creating physically, mentally and spiritually robust individuals who have the confidence to face the challenges that life presents them with
– adding to or creating meaning and positivity in one’s life
– building practitioners into people who are more than what they were
– helping people to become capable of making a positive contribution to society
– instilling the technical understanding, but more importantly, the ethical and spiritual principles that embody the spirit of budō

The greater purpose of Kumataka Dōjōs is to teach the attitude of budō, through the committed practice of the arts within the system. In doing so, students come to a deeper understanding of their human capacity and grow as peaceful and empowered members of society.