About Kumataka Dōjōs

Kumataka means Mountain Hawk Eagle. These beautiful birds inhabit the Yoshino Mountains, the place where Sōsuishi-ryū Jūjutsu famously originated. It is said that the eagle ‘flies highest and sees farthest’ and is elegant, powerful and intelligent. This is much like the martial arts that are practised within our dojos.

These arts include:

Kōdokan Jūdō (講道館柔道)
A dynamic grappling martial art, involving throws, hold downs, chokes and armbars.

Sōsuishi-ryū Kumi-uchi and Koshi-no-mawari (双水執流組討腰之廻)
An early Edo-era ryūha, this classical jūjutsu style emphasises grappling with both armed and unarmed opponents, as well as the use of a number of weapons – most notably the katana.

Kumataka Dōjōs is a registered national Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to the practice and preservation of these arts. It was established by Thomas Crooks and Peter Williams in 2017 and is affiliated with Kumataka Phuttamonthon & Mukdahan Dōjōs, Thailand.

Each art practised within Kumataka Dōjōs is directly affiliated with its source of origin.

  • The Sōsuishi-ryū Jūjutsu Kai Australia represents Dai Shihan Manzo Shitama, 16th Hereditary Headmaster of Sōsuishi-ryū Jūjutsu. Kumataka Epping and Bayswater branch dōjōs form the Australian Headquarters of the SJJK. The Sōsuishi-ryū Hombu Dōjō is the Shadanhōjin Sekiryūkan in Fukuoka, Japan and the SJJK-USA Headquarters are located at the Seibukan Dojo, New York, USA.
  • Each of the Australian Kumataka Dōjōs is affiliated to its relevant state body of Judo Australia. This organisation is the peak representative Jūdō body in Australia, and it falls under the auspices of the International Judo Federation (IJF). We also associate our Jūdō to the Sekiryūkan in Fukuoka, which is both a Jūjutsu and Jūdō dōjō.

We conduct regular training visits to Japan for ongoing instruction and training – and welcome our Sensei and fellow practitioners to our dōjōs as well.

Please contact us for any queries.

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