Kōdokan Jūdō 講道館柔道

Kōdokan Jūdō is practiced in Kumataka Dōjōs where we enjoy a rich and rare heritage.

Jūdō is a dynamic and enjoyable grappling martial art/sport, involving a full range of throws and holds, as well as numerous submission grappling techniques. Due to our historical background, Kumataka takes a more traditional approach to its practice of jūdō, with a focus on the entire syllabus as well as engaging in training as a form of budō.

Thomas, Gabriel and Peter were all taught by Patricia Harrington, Kōdokan 6th Dan, for many years. Peter from a very young age, and Thomas since he was a teenager.

Their Jūdō lineage looks like this:

Jigoro Kano –> Kyuzo Mifune/Keiko Fukuda –> Pat Harrington –>Peter Williams/Thomas Crooks/Gabriel Dayeh

Additionally, Kumataka maintains a Jūdō affiliation with the Shadanhōjin Sekiryūkan in Fukuoka, Japan. One of the oldest dōjōs in Japan, it has practised Jūdō since the art began, and has a rich cultural and sporting legacy. Kumataka Dōjōs conducts regular training trips to Sekiryūkan.

Each dōjō is affiliated to its relevant state body – Judo NSW and Judo WA. Judo Australia is overseen by the International Judo Federation (IJF) and the birthplace of Jūdō – the Kōdokan in Tokyo Japan. In this way the dōjōs within Kumataka remain legitimately connected to the origins of Jūdō. Please see these pages for more information: Judo Australia, Judo Western Australia and Judo NSW.